About me

My name is Simone Philipp. I am a behavioral therapist in Graz, Austria (https://psychotherapie-simonephilipp.at). Through my training and psychotherapeutic practice, I am often in contact with people who suffer from depersonalization disorder. Through these personal encounters it has become clear to me that depersonalization may be a common disorder, however it is far too unknown and unacknowledged. Many people affected by depersonalization disorder spend years searching for information and good support opportunities. However, finding doctors and psychotherapists who are familiar with the symptoms is very rare. The same is true for the methods for self-care and self-treatment that are available to people affected by depersonalization disorder – they are far too unknown and unacknowledged among them. For me this was the decisive factor to making available information, methods and approaches on depersonalization and to making them accessible.

With this website I hope to achieve two things: first, I want to make the symptoms of depersonalization disorder more known for those affected, for doctors, and for psychotherapists. Second, I also want to present approaches and methods for self-care and self-treatment.

I am currently in the process of bringing together a group of people who are affected by depersonalization here in Graz, Austria. The meetings focus on giving participants the opportunity to try and to reflect on approaches and methods for self-care and self-treatment under expert supervision. In addition, psychotherapeutic treatment is offered for the entire group but also for individuals.

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If you are interested in joining the group for people affected by depersonalization disorder, please register here.