Depersonalization is not the reason for everything

Those affected by depersonalization are prone to making the symptoms responsible for everything that goes wrong in their lives and for all impairments they experience. Such an attitude can have the effect that those affected feel at the mercy of their symptoms, as these are experienced as determining and overwhelming.

Most of those affected find it very difficult to perceive their own life as detached from depersonalization disorder. Often, this is only possible after lots of practice. Once it has worked, it is reported to be rather helpful.

It makes sense to become clear about the fact that particular experiences are normal and do not have something to do with depersonalization disorder in their origin. All people experience loss and suffering in their lives. Also phases of sadness or failure are part of the normal human experience. It is normal that relationships end, that there are difficulties with one’s children or that workplaces must be changed. These are things that do not chiefly have anything to do with depersonalization disorder.

This page is not about trivializing depersonalization disorder. Depersonalization is a severe disorder that continuously and severely impairs those affected. However, the point is to not let depersonalization disorder dictate life, but to win back a sphere of influence.