Depersonalization and its relation to stress

In most cases of those affected by depersonalization, severe stress can lead to the emergence or the worsening of depersonalization symptoms on the physical (for example extreme fatigue, heat, pain), mental (for example mental overload) or also the psychological level (for example overwhelming feelings). Although the symptoms are perceived as bothersome and impairing, they fulfill a very important protective function.

Those who suffer from depersonalization disorder particularly in relation to stress should critically assess their own life. Where can stress be avoided? How can stress be better managed? How could it be possible to perceive stress as something positive as well? It is worth keeping a look out for relevant books or a fitting therapy. Stress management is the keyword you are looking for.

In a situation of particular stress, it is often helpful to retreat, if that is possible: to find a safe (inner) area, to take a shower, or to sleep a little can often already help depersonalization symptoms to get less severe. Those affected should take care of themselves and should remove themselves from happenings for a while.