Depersonalization as a permanent problem

Many of those affected by depersonalization experience it as being omnipresent. This leads to them constantly being pre-occupied with the illness and to thereby perpetually observe themselves. In this vein, those affected often assess the degree of their current depersonalization experience and continuously ask themselves whether they can currently see well or not, for example. In extreme cases, those affected are so pre-occupied with observing themselves that they can hardly pay attention to the outside world. However, in a vicious circle this leads to depersonalization continuing and to those affected having the feeling of being constantly impaired.

Many of those affected experience it as being helpful when attention is taken away from themselves and is re-directed onto something else. This is best done by sensible distraction. Being together with other people, doing sports or creative activities like painting or crafting are good opportunities that should be considered by those affected. Even if such activities do not do away with depersonalization for good, they make it possible to take a break.