Over time, those affected by depersonalization often develop actions and ways of behaving (“tools”) that are useful to them for coming to terms with the disorder. Through these tools, some people succeed in overcoming the disorder once and for all, whereas others do not reach that stage but instead manage to decrease the impact of the impairment on their daily lives.

In any case, trying out tools that are useful for others is sensible in order to evaluate the effects on one’s own life. However, success in the sense of completely eradicating depersonalization disorder can only be expected in single cases. Nonetheless, an alleviation of accompanying effects can still lead to a considerable improvement of quality of life.

In the following section I have listed and described different tools that I frequently encounter when working with those who are affected by depersonalization disorder:

Tips to try out

General information on dealing with depersonalization

Tools to interrupt sudden or particularly severe depersonalization

Tools for particular impairments

Psychotherapy for depersonalization