Medication to treat depersonalization disorder

This point shall be made first, as many who are affected by depersonalization wish for medical remedies to treat their disorder. This is likely the case because depersonalization comes as a surprise to many and suddenly erupts, even though people may not be able to name a trigger for it. Because of that, many of those affected think that “something is not right” with their brains and thereby feel that medical aid is needed.

The main focus of this website is to highlight approaches and methods to independently self-treat depersonalization disorder and its accompanying effects. The prescription of medication of any kind is in the hands of experts and is not adequate for independent use. Still, some things shall be said about it here.

In the field of psychotropic drugs there is no medication to date that is approved for the treatment of depersonalization disorder. In single cases, those affected have been helped by medication intended for the treatment of other psychiatric disorders (off-label-use). In the literature, Lamotrigine (an anti-epileptic) and Naloxone (an opioid-antagonist) are mentioned. Whoever wants to try out such medication should seek a conversation with a psychiatrist or a neurologist.

Also, alternative medicine-based approaches like Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) or homeopathy offer remedies for depersonalization disorder. The exact selection of remedies, as well as the dosage suggestions, are also matters that belong into the hands of experts, as wrong dosages can lead to severe side effects. Under no circumstances should remedies from Ayurveda or TCM be taken without first consulting an appropriately trained medical professional.

Treating depersonalization disorder with medication requires patience from those affected. Also, the end result is unknown. Here, it is vital to find a doctor with whom you can speak openly about your own disorder and by whom you feel understood. It is not rare that doctors have never heard about depersonalization disorder before and therefore wrongly assess the symptoms. Treating depersonalization disorder with wrong medication, for example with anti-psychotica, can lead to the worsening of symptoms.

Some of those affected report that consuming particular dietary minerals, vitamins, supplements etc. leads to an improvement of depersonalization symptoms. Consuming iron, vitamin complexes, N-Acetylcysteine or Maca root are mentioned often. These substances can be bought over-the-counter. By having a full blood exam done, an affected person can easily find out if there are actual deficiencies. These should definitely be compensated.