Tips to try out

Not all tools are equally helpful to everyone. However, it is still worth trying out different tools and also not only trying those that you find appealing at first glance. In many cases, it makes sense to start a diary about which tools were tried and what kind of success could be achieved. In addition, some tools need to be practiced over a longer period of time and also regularly (ideally every day) for them to show any effect. In such cases, it makes sense to try the selected tools several times in order to be able to observe gradual success.

Most tools are sorted based on symptoms and accompanying effects stemming from depersonalization. For example, someone who suffers from strong visual impairments can directly check there and will find an array of tools that can be helpful.

Beyond that, you will also find tools that rather consider depersonalization as an all-encompassing disorder. These tools can be useful for those affected, no matter what form depersonalization takes in single cases.